Meet John Dorine of John D Graphics, LLC

At 23 years old John Dorine is already taking the world of graphic design by storm. Born in Anse Rouge, Haiti John and his family moved to Florida at the age of eleven. He is currently a barber, a senior at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida and the Founder of John D Graphics, LLC.

Hayti Overload: What drew you to graphic design?

John Dorine: I took an art class my senior year in high school with the sole purpose of obtaining credits needed to graduate and that is where I discovered my love for drawing and I started researching graphic design.

HO: Please tell us about John D Graphics, LLC.

JD: I launched my company in my bedroom in 2015 with a mission to provide quality work to my clients. I design everything from event flyers, logos, menus, business cards, geo filters, t-shirt printing and more.

HO: Growing up Haitian graphic design is not an expected college major. What was your parents response when you told them you wanted to major in graphic design?

JD: My parents simply support anything I want to do but I find myself explaining to them what graphic design is a lot. I think as long as I graduate college they are happy with whatever I choose.

HO: What are your plans after graduation?

JD: Honestly, I am not waiting for after graduation, I am starting now by expanding my company and adding more graphic designers and photographers.

HO: How do you balance school and your company?

JD: It is tough. Time management is key to making everything work. Once I hire others it will help lighten the load.

HO: How do you describe your approach to design?

JD: I get excited about every new request for a design. I look at it as a chance to make someone imagination come to life. I love that. A lot of times, I have no clue how the final product is going to look. I just start designing.

HO: Who or what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking? 

JD: There’s no one thing or person that has influenced me. For me, it’s trial and experience. Some may say I’m young but I’ve been through enough to understand certain things. I’m a very thoughtful person. I try to put things into perspective.

HO: What are you passionate about besides your work?

JD: Im passionate about family. My family is pretty huge. I have over 2000 cousins and we all are so connected, no matter where we may be. Our parents sort of instilled that in us. They raised us the same way they were raised. I am very big on family.

HO: What is the best piece of advice you have heard and repeat to others?

JD: You can’t change the past. No Matter what you do, you can not change it. You have to get that through your head. Why dwell on it. It’s not going to do you any good. Once you accept that as person, life will be a lot better.

HO: What’s your personal motto?

JD: Never be too high or too low!

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