Meet Nickson! Talented French-Haitian Artist

pou li entèvyou sa a nan kreyòl klike isit la

A few months ago I discovered Nickson’s music and I immediately added him to my playlist. He has a uniquely beautiful voice that could make anyone stop and his music speaks to the lover in all of us.

Hayti Overload: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Nickson: I am a Haitian artist living in Paris, I am 26 years old born February 24, 1993. I was born and raised in Paris but my parents are both from Aquin Haiti.

HO: How long have you been into music?

Nickson:  I’ve been into music since I was young. I started off singing in the choir at church when I was a little kid.

HO: Growing up what artist did you listen to? Do those artist have an influence on how you approach your music?

Nickson: I listened to Kompa in general. Kompa is music from home, that’s what I grew up on.

HO:  In your music you often cite “Neg Lakay” at the beginning of the song. How did you get the nickname Neg Lakay?

Nickson: Neg Lakay is a label I have with my manager. We have artist we manage and other business.

HO: If you could work with any artist in the Haitian Music Industry who would you work with and why?

Nickson: it’s hard to find support from main artist from back home however, I’ve already received support from some but I won’t state any names. I’m easy to work with, if you are an artist evolving like I am and I like your music I will work with you as long as you are serious about making music.

HO: What are you currently working on? 

Nickson: Actually, I am not working on anything new at the moment. I am tired and right now I am just writing music for others and developing the artist we have at Neg Lakay.

HO: You said you are tired, are you completely done with making music or are you only taking a break?

Nickson: I am only taking a break so I can come back ten times better and harder.

HO: Do you visit Haiti often? Where do you hangout in Haiti?

Nickson: I try to visit Haiti at least once a year. My parents are both from Aquin so when I am there, that is where I spend my time.

HO: What are you passionate about besides music?

Nickson: I am passionate about my children. Before them I was passionate about my music but now they are first and music has become more business for me.

HO: What’s your personal motto?

Nickson: Never stop! What God has for you will never be for another!

HO: Where can we follow you online and hear your music?


  • They can hear my music on YouTube by searching Nickson
  • Instagram: @NicksonOfficiel
  • Snapchat: Cherynickson
  • Facebook: Nickson
Nickson & K-Reen Tèt Chajé official video


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