Meet The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur Jessica Saint Georges

Not only is Jessica Saint Georges a nurse but she is also a dancer, choreographer, dance instructor for her dance company Kompa Gouyad Fusion LLC and actress who has been taking the internet by storm lately. You may have seen her comedy videos on Facebook or maybe you’ve seen her sexy kompa dance videos on Instagram and I am sure like us you’ve been wondering who is Jessica Saint Georges?

Hayti Overload: Jessica, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

Jessica: I don’t really have a step by step of how I got here. I’ve been through a lot in life. I’ve been way at the bottom and struggled tremendously. I’m a strong person raised by a strong, fierce Haitian woman. I always knew what I wanted to do and just kept my tunnel vision strong. I’m also super persistent. You may see me come out with something and it doesn’t work, just give me some time. I always make a come back. I never quit. I don’t let others get in my head. I don’t rush. I want to leave behind a legacy and so I tune my brain so that it thinks above and beyond and not average.

Hayti Overload: Where were you born and raised? Have you ever been to Haiti if so how often do you travel there?

Jessica: I was born in Boston MA. From there, I moved and went to school in Haiti for 1 year. I moved to New Jersey for a few months. I then moved and went to school in Queens NY and then moved to Pennsylvania from the age of 9-23. I’ve been all over pretty much! I have gone to haiti every year since 2001. The last time I went was 2015 before I moved to Florida.

Hayti Overload: Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?

Jessica: My childhood memories aren’t that great. The only good things I can remember as a child is how much fun I had whenever I was in Haiti. The environment, the people, my family, the kids. Everything was just amazing. I grew up without my birth father. He left when I was 6 and I didn’t meet him until I was 16. I remember there were times where there literally was no food to eat at home. We would get help from churches. Thank God for school lunches! I’ve been molested by family friends as a child. Twice. I never wanted to show my body growing up. I always wore big t-shirts and sweat pants even during summer time. All of these memories are what has shaped me to be the type of woman that I am and the self love that I have for myself. These memories are what makes me work myself tirelessly and continues to fuel this hunger for success inside of me. 

Hayti Overload: You currently work as a nurse, How do you manage everything that you do and is it challenging to balance it all?

Jessica: It gets pretty hectic at times and I feel like my brain is splitting in half most times, but the best solution for me is to pray about it. I put my phone down, I go sit on my balcony and just pray. Many times we don’t realize that it’s okay to rest. It’s okay to press pause for a second. Let everything develop naturally on its own. I write everything down that I have planned for the month. I’m also learning to say no. Sometimes I just want to do it all and when I do that, I breakdown. So I’m learning to just say no and put me and my mental health first. 

Hayti Overload: How did your parents react when you told them you decided to take on dance and acting?

Jessica: My mom and I actually had a deal that if I finished with nursing, I could take on dancing. I’m forever grateful for her having me do this because nursing is what gave me the opportunity to save so much money at a young age and move to Florida when I was ready. So when I told her and my step dad that I was moving to pursue these things, she did the typical 180 on me and told me I’m not going anywhere! Thankfully my parents are very understanding and know the type of woman they have raised me to be. So now when I send them clips from classes, they talk about how happy they are for me and they have my family asking me to send them my comedy skits and even family from Haiti are telling me they’ve seen my work through whatsApp! So they’re definitely supportive and happy with what I’m doing. 

Hayti Overload: How long have you been dancing and what inspired you to start Kompa Gouyad Fusion LLC?


I’ve been dancing since the age of 6. I taught myself how to dance hip hop learning the choreography from Chris Brown and Ciaras music videos as well as watching choreographers Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra since 2011. 

I wanted to start Kompa Gouyad Fusion because I want it to be apart of my legacy. A lot of other konpa classes really don’t incorporate “gouyad” in their classes. Being a young, outgoing Haitian dancer, I wanted to incorporate what I see people asking me what to show them which is konpa and how to work their waists. So i put both together. My classes are fun and I really take time to teach from the heart, so me coming up with Kompa Gouyad Fusion is the game changer for me.

Hayti Overload: How has it been like being a part of the Coming Through America Tour and working with Success Jr and the other comedians on the tour? 

Jessica: Being apart of this tour has really been a literal dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to role play in front of a crowd with comedy. I used to watch Success do comedy online all the time. It became a habit for me to sit and watch new videos every night. So to be touring with him and for him to even want to have me be apart of his show is amazing. The cast is amazing. I get to tour with my boyfriend Blecks Flex who plays “Junior”. How many Haitian girlfriends can say they share a stage with their man? It’s a wonderful feeling. Everyone is down to earth and fun.  Being on stage with people who I watched start the online Haitian comedy is mind blowing. We all have each others back and motivate each other before every show. It’s great. 

Hayti Overload: Who or What inspires you?

Jessica: My inspirations are my mom, my siblings, Blecks and myself. My mom works 2 jobs day and night. Sometimes we would go days without seeing her because when she gets home we would be at school and by the time we get home, she would be gone again. So when I think about how hard she worked for my siblings and continues to work, it motivates me to keep working harder for her and for them. Blecks inspires me because he moved to the states after the earthquake and to see what he’s accomplished in such a short period of time and the hunger he has for success even when he’s going through tough times, it’s inspires me so much. Last but not least, I inspire myself. I’ve been through a lot in life. I’ve gone through the worst moments that people wouldn’t even imagine and the fact that I always come out on top smiling and continuing to live life is the most inspirational thing to me. There’s no backing down. Only forward. 

Hayti Overload: Speaking about Blacks, How did you two meet and how long have you been dating? and is it hard working together or is that what strengthens your relationship?

Jessica: He slid in my DM’s on FB after seeing my dance performance video that I did while competing in a pageant as Miss Legacy Haiti 2016 Jamaica. From there, he asked me to shoot some skits. We shot a few skits and movie and the rest is history. We’ve been dating for 2 years now come May 28th. 

It’s easy working together in my opinion. We feed off of each others energy. He respects my opinions and ideas. Of course there are tough moments, but that’s normal in any relationship. At the end of the day, I respect his craft and him as a person he does the same for me so we really just connect.

Hayti Overload: What advice would you give to your younger self today?

Jessica: I would tell myself to go for anything I put my mind to and to not be afraid of what anyone has to say. Worrying about what people will say or think about me has delayed me in some projects that I’ve had in mind. So that would be something I would tell myself not to do. Go for it.

Hayti Overload: What’s next for Jessica Saint Georges?

Jessica: I have my movie screening coming up June 16th in West Palm written and directed by Blecks Flex. We will begin filming his third movie this fall. I’m taking my kompa gouyad fusion class on a summer tour. I’m rebranding my non profit organization NOSA. I’m releasing a new song and music video this summer and I’m just continuing to secure all bags and continue working to leave behind a legacy.

Hayti Overload: How can we connect with you online?

Jessica: I mostly use my Instagram @Jessica_SaintGeorges. You can find me under Jessica Saint Georges on Youtube and twitter as well. 


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