Valmas Cremas, The Brand Introducing Haitian Cremas To The world!

Cremas, most popularly known to Haitian as Kremas in Haitian Creole is a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage native to Haiti. This iconic beverage has been around since the establishment of this independent state and has remained one of Haiti’s delicacies. The beverage possesses a creamy consistency similar to a thick milkshake and varies from off-white to beige in color. The drink is often served at social events and during the holidays.

The original kremas is a coconut flavored alcoholic beverage with an off-white color and a creamy texture. Ever since its creation cremas has evolved and can now be enjoyed in many different flavors and it is a way for Haitians to connect back to their cultural roots no matter where they may find themselves.

Despite its renown and demand among the Haitian community, cremas is still a rare commodity even in the motherland. It’s decline in production is credited to the fact that very few know how to properly make it. One company that saw this need and decided to step up and introduce Haitian Cremas to the world is Valmas Cremas and we got a chance to get to know more about them.

Hayti Overload: Tell us a little bit about you and your company?

Valmas Cremas: Thank you for having me. Valmas Cremas was founded in 1995. Produced in Florida and steeped in tradition, Valmas Cremas was seeking to fulfill the absence of offerings in the Spirits category from our homeland of Haiti.

Hayti Overload: Cremas is a household favorite. What inspired you to take it to the next level?

Valmas Cremas: After years of making cremas at home and enjoying it with family and friends, I felt it was time to share this delicious product with the world. Valmas Cremas has been on the market for four years and is available for purchase at liquor stores, bars and in restaurants across Florida. Prior to Valmas Cremas being on the shelves, Rhum Barbancourt was the main Haitian Spirit product on the market for purchase. Now, with Valmas Cremas on the market, culturally we have choices.

Hayti Overload: Does the name Valmas Cremas have a special meaning?

Valmas Cremas:

a. Yes, absolutely! I sought customer suggestions before making a final
decision on the product name. A contest was conducted via Facebook,
seven different company name options were shared, and ‘Valmas
Cremas’ won. Val is part of my name, and mas is for cremas; Valmas is

b. Digging a little deeper into the story, how has the path to production
been? Has it been easy? If not, please share any challenges you had to
overcome. The quick, easy answer to this question is no. This journey
has not been an easy one, but definitely one I appreciate. The original
cremas formula is well known and it usually comes out in a milkshake
consistency. One challenge was to keep a dairy based product fresh and
not have it harden after years on a retail store, restaurant or bar shelf.
Another welcomed challenge was maintaining stellar quality, while
continuously scaling up production. Quality is a staple for our company
and something we will not compromise. After hours of appreciating my
103 year old grandmother and working with her original recipe that my
father taught me to mix over twenty-five years ago, I reformulated the
recipe with different types of Spirits. After a year and a great deal of
testing and tasting, Valmas Cremas was born.

Hayti Overload: How many flavors does Valmas Cremas have?

Valmas Cremas: Valmas Cremas has 20 flavors of which two, almond and coconut, are currently available for purchase in stores, restaurants and bars. We believe in cultural diversity and wanted to create flavors that could appeal to individuals from varying cultures. We live in a country that affords us many choices and opportunities; I wanted to create a brand that represents that sentiment.

Hayti Overload: How can we purchase Valmas Cremas?

Valmas Cremas: Valmas Cremas is available online and in over 140 liquor stores across south and central Florida. Valmas Cremas can also be found in restaurants and bars in south and central Florida. Visit our website for more product information. We are a growing brand and working consistently on expansion throughout the east coast. Our goal is to become a household name throughout the country and internationally.

Hayti Overload: How can everyone connect with Valmas Cremas on the web?

Valmas Cremas: Thank you for your time and appreciation of the Valmas Cremas brand. If anyone would like to connect with us, they may visit our social media pages or the website. Please contact Kai Williams, Director of Marketing and Sales for further interview inquiries and/or participation in events.

Instagram: @valmascremas1
Facebook: @valmascremas
Twitter: @valmaswbc


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