Introducing the newest addition to your game night! Culture Shock Zoe Life Edition is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud while learning more about the Haitian culture and history!

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Note from our creator

As a Haitian American born and raised in Florida I fell in love with Haiti at a young age and made it my personal mission to learn everything about her. The more I learned the more I realized there was a lot I did not know and was never taught. I would ask my family and friends questions and they too would realize there were some thing they never learned as well. So I figured out a way to not only teach others about this history of Haiti but also about the Haitian culture and what is was like growing up Haitian all while having fun. Everyone says they are Haitian but this game will show you just how Haitian you are!

Esland Berjuste

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Culture Shock Game Zoe Life Edition

Zoe life edition is a fun way to learn about Haitian culture and history. Item is currently available for presale